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Nemethy HBA Academy

22 thick polyfoam target with 5 replaceable inserts

22 thick polyfoam target with 5 replaceable inserts



Product type: Active Athletes target

Material: Polyfoam

Color: Black

Size: 100x100x22 cm

Weight: 10 kg

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The targets in the 'Active Athletes' category are primarily recommended for those who use bows with a higher draw weight or for those who engage in regular archery practice, capable of withstanding numerous shots during a training session. These targets can also be excellent for archery/horseback archery schools. A unique feature of this target is that it comes with 5 replaceable polifoam inserts, allowing for easy replacement of worn areas, thus significantly extending the usability of the target. This target is excellent for group and playful training sessions where the task is for archers to aim at different targets simultaneously, thus reducing the chance of someone missing their shot. Various polyfoam target faces with different point values can also be purchased for these targets.

- 100x100x22 cm

Replaceable polyfoam center (plug): 
- 5 pcs

- With a wooden stand.

Recommended poundage (#) for targets listed above: 
- maximum until 50#

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