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Nemethy HBA Academy

Black girth with pillow (55 cm)

Black girth with pillow (55 cm)


Product type: Girth

Material: Leather

Color: Black

Size: 55 cm

Weight: approx. 800 gr

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Made from high-quality material, this 55 cm girth comes with replaceable pads, making it much easier to clean. It features easily adjustable elastic straps. The elastic rings contribute to even pressure distribution. Thanks to its design, the girth ensures excellent freedom of movement for the horse.

To ensure the proper application of the Equi-Soft girth, it's crucial to correctly position the cover over the girth, making sure that the holes are free. The girth's midpoint should align precisely with the horse's girth line. For effective pressure distribution, maintaining balanced tension on both sides of the girth is advisable. Avoid over-tightening the girth to prevent restriction of the horse's chest expansion.

- black

- 55 cm

- Durable


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