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Nemethy HBA Academy

Phoenix Quiver for Hunt style

Phoenix Quiver for Hunt style



Product type: Hunt quiver

Material: Leather

Color: Black-red

Capacity: 25-40 pcs arrows

Lenght: 95,5 cm

Width: 42,5 cm

Weight: approx. 1 kg

Waist diameter: 63,5-135,5 cm

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The quiver in our lineup is specifically designed to meet the demands of Hunt competitions. This quiver can be a great choice for horseback archers who typically draw multiple arrows from the quiver simultaneously. The quiver has 5 slots, but each slot can accommodate 20-40 arrows. The product complies with the rules of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA), making it suitable for use in IHAA official competitions.

Horseback archery technique:
- Mediterranian technique

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