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Nemethy HBA Academy

Kinesiology tape 5cmx5m

Kinesiology tape 5cmx5m



Collection: Tape

Material: 100% cotton

Weight: approx. 89,1 gr

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The kinesiology tape is usually used together with the Leukoplast to protect our fingers and bows. First, we place the kinesiology tape on our fingers and then fix it with a Leukoplast. During archery/horseback archery, it may happen that the sharper end of the arrow hits the bow. A series of collisions can damage the bow. To avoid this, we usually use a kinesiology tape to protect the bow. (The Leukoplast can also be applied to the bow grip, between the fletching and the nock at the end of the arrow, but it can also be used for placing the nocking point. See: "Leukoplast" product description).

This kinesiology tape has excellent tear resistance, flexibility, durability, and water resistance, making it ideal for both sports and everyday activities. Skin-friendly and free from harmful substances, it ensures safe and comfortable use. The tape is made of 100% cotton with an acrylic adhesive coating, providing effective adhesion without irritating the skin. It can be stored for at least one year, thus maintaining its quality over a long period.

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