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Nemethy HBA Academy

Half chaps – Red-black

Half chaps – Red-black



Product type: Half chaps

Material: Neoprene

Color: Red and black

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Legging for comfortable and safe riding. Thanks to its flexible material and zipper, it can be easily placed on the calf. The clasps on the half chaps help secure the ankle and calf safely. Available in a red-black color combination and various sizes to suit every rider.

3XS: Calf: 23 cm; Height: 32,7 cm; Weight: 200 gr / pair
S: Calf: 28,9 cm; Height: 40 cm; Weight: 300 gr / pair
L: Calf: 33,3 cm; Height: 43 cm; Weight: 300 gr / pair
XL: Calf: 34,2 cm; Height: 44 cm; Weight: 300 gr / pair
2XL: Calf: 36,7 cm; Height: 45 cm; Weight: 350 gr / pair

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