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Nemethy HBA Academy

Quiver for Raid style

Quiver for Raid style



Product type: Raid quiver

Color: Black

Arrow holder height: 18 cm

Arrow holder Length: 18.2 cm

Height of removable brace: 72.5 cm

Width of removable brace: 13.7 cm

Adult waist diameter: 66-116 cm

Child waist diameter: soon

Weight: approx. 233,7 gr

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We primarily designed this custom quiver for Raid competitions. It's the ideal choice for horseback archers who shoot with mediterranian technique, but also usable for thumb and persian techniques. The quiver comes equipped with a removable Velcro holster and is designed to hold up to five arrows at once. This product complies with the requirements of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA), making it suitable for official competitions.

Horseback archery technique:
- Mediterranean technique (main)
- Thumb/Persian technique

- Leather
- The part that holds the arrow is reinforced with pearl fabric, thanks to which the leather does not stretch, and the arrow comes out without sticking or obstacles. 
- A pearl canvas case can also be attached also, with the high-quality (Velcro) velcro. 

- 5 pcs arrows

Other functions: 
- Adjustable strap, with buckle.

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