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Nemethy HBA Academy

Photocell Timing System for Horseback Archery Tracks

Photocell Timing System for Horseback Archery Tracks



Product type: Photocell timing system

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This timing device is specifically designed for horseback archery competitions to accurately and reliably measure the duration of runs, but it can also be easily and practically applied in training sessions. Thanks to its ease of use, competition organizers can effortlessly manage timing, contributing to the smooth execution of events. Wireless communication technology allows for easy installation at any point on the tracks. The device becomes a practical tool for every horseback archery competition, as it contributes to the accurate and fair assessment of each round and also enhances the experience of both competitors and spectators, thanks to its fast and precise timing.

Basic system Extended system 1 Extended system 2
Protective lockable case:
Screen 2 pcs 2 pcs 3 pcs
Reflector 2 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
Laser system 2 pcs 3 pcs 3 pcs
Antenna for communication 4 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs
Holding devices for mirrors and screens 4 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs
Small bags for power banks 4 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs
Carabiners (for securing the power bank bags) 4 pcs 5 pcs 6 pcs
Shoulder bag:
Tripod 6 pcs 8 pcs 9 pcs
Ground peg 18 pcs 24 pcs 27 pcs
Additional Information:
Wireless communication
Built-in Battery
Wireless communication range 200m 200m 200m
Production time 1-3 months 1-3 months 1-3 months
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Weight 8,9 kg 10,73 kg 13,65 kg

Extra Accessories:
Upon request, wooden triangular tripod fasteners can be ordered. These should be placed between the legs of the tripod to make the attachment more stable.

All systems can be ordered with screens of different sizes:
small screen (23x7 cm)
large screen (60x16 cm)
custom-sized screen

It is also possible to order the system with a touchscreen admin system that controls lamps with sound. The judge can send a signal to the lamp system, giving the rider the signal to start with light and sound. When the rider passes the gate on the other side, it sends a signal not to start. This is for safety reasons when we have horseback archers on both the left and right sides simultaneously.

Please ask if you would like more information about it and the prices.

Note: The PowerBank in the images is for illustrative purposes only. We do not provide a PowerBank with the product. Due to warranty issues, it is more advantageous for everyone to obtain this in their own region. Of course, the device can be used with other PowerBanks, but this is the PowerBank we usually recommend: Powerbank Swissten Black Core 30000 mAh

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