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Nemethy HBA Academy

Extra string for Flash M

Extra string for Flash M


Collection: Flash

Product type: Strings

String length: 129 cm

Weight: approx. 5,6 g

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In archery, a spare bowstring is a necessary backup tool, especially during competitions and practice sessions. Over time and with use, the material of the bowstrings wears and weakens, leading to sudden problems. We have often experienced situations where an archer found themselves in an awkward situation due to the unexpected snapping of the bowstring, as there was no immediate replacement available. Therefore, it is crucial that every archer has a spare bowstring at hand, being prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Ensure you always have a spare string ready, thus guaranteeing a continuous and uninterrupted archery experience.

It is good to know:

Flash strings are usually available in black, red, blue, white, and neon green colors. Unfortunately, at the moment, the color of the string cannot be chosen separately, but we always try to select a string color that matches the sports bow.

The material composition of the strings can vary depending on the type of bow, but they are typically made of dacron.

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