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Nemethy HBA Academy

Travel case

Travel case



Product type: Travel case

Color: Black-silver

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The travel case in our selection is the perfect companion for archers and horseback archers, whether for domestic or international competitions or even training camps. The travel case is available in lengths of 140 cm and 148 cm, making it suitable for transporting various sizes of bows and their accompanying arrows. Constructed from durable material, the travel case provides protection for your equipment during travel and against other external factors. Convenient handles and rear wheels make carrying the travel case easier, allowing archers and horseback archers to transport their gear with greater comfort and security.


- 140 cm:
- External dimensions: 140 x 38 x 16
- Internal dimensions: 138 x 36 x 14
- Weight: 9,6 kg

148 cm
- External dimensions: 148 x 45 x 16
- Internal dimensions: 146 x 43 x 14
- Weight: 11,3 kg

Other information:
- Scratch and impact-resistant surface
- Interior completely padded with 2mm foam
- Integrated transport rollers
- Second handle for pulling
- 1 x combination lock
- 2 x locks for padlock (combination padlock optional)
- 2 x key lock
- Comfortable carrying handle
- Reinforced corners

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