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Nemethy HBA Academy

Archery netting

Archery netting


Material: Polyfoam

Color: Green

Size: 1,8; 3,4 m

Weight: 1,7 kg/m

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Secure your archery range with this high-quality, vibrantly green archery net! This product can slow down and stop stray arrows. The hanging height of the product is 1.8 meters, but by hooking two together, this distance can be extended to 3.4 meters

Usage suggestion: It is recommended to hang the net loosely with free swing, as a net stretched too tight cannot properly absorb the energy of the impacting arrows.

Note: The image is for illustrative purposes only. The archery net in the picture is not hung correctly.



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of targets are recommended?

We can choose from many types of targes. However, we tend to prefer those polyfoam targets, on which we can also
attach a target face. The target face can also be made of thin, easy-to-apply polyfoam material, but we can also use
printed targets. Although paper-based target faces are less durable, the advantage is that we can produce extremely creative solutions at home. Even better, if the center of the target can be replaced, as this is the part that wears out the fastest.

Maximum until 20#:
• 80x80x7 cm
• 100x100x7 cm

Maximum until 35#)
• 80x80x17 cm
• 100x100x17 cm

Maximum until 50#:
• 80x80x22 cm
• 100x100x22 cm

What should I know about the target faces for Tower, Raid, and Hunt competitions?

We can choose from several target faces. We normally
use three types of target
faces during our training, camps and competitions. The names of the targets usually refer to the names of the competition tracks accepted by the IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance): Targets used on the Tower (formerly known as Hungarian), Raid (formerly known as Korean) and Hunt (formerly known as Polish) competition tracks.

Tower (Hungarian):

The front of the target face used on the Tower (Hungarian) track. It can also be used excellently for long shots (up to 50 meters). During the Tower competitions, the competitors most often shoot from the hand (with up to 10-12 arrows).

Size: 90x90 cm

Scoring from the inside out:

Yellow - 5 points
Black - 4 points
Green - 3 points
White - 2 points
Red - 1 point 

Raid (Korean):

The target face used on the Raid (Korean) track. In the case of the Raid target, the closest distance is 8 meters. During the competition, we usually have to use a quiver, so it is worth using the quiver during the exercises to get used to using it.

Size: 80x80 cm

In IHAA (International Horseback Archery Alliance) competitions, scoring is from the inside out:

White and black tiger - 5 points
Yellow - 4 points
Black - 3 points
Green - 2 points
Red - 1 point

In certain competitions of the Némethy Horseback Archery Academy, the scoring is from the inside out:

White and black tiger - 7 points
Yellow - 5 points
Black - 4 points
Green - 2 points
Red - 1 point

Hunt (Polish):

In the Hunt competition, the most common targets are representing forest animals, but fantasy creatures or other types of targets can also be used:

• 2D target (or an animal figure),
• 3D target (or an animal figure),
• animal figures with 7-zone scoring,
• FITA target face
(any size),
• Tower target face,
• Raid target face,
• moving targets, etc.


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